Lushes Italian Wedding Dresses Inspire For A True Celebration

Italian Wedding Dress with floral inserts

Italian Wedding Dress with floral inserts This beautiful Italian wedding dress was designed by Luisa Sposa. The embroidery of the flowers so nicely stitched together, to the airy train of the dress, makes this a must-see gown! I would wear this dress! Wouldn’t you? Wedding Dress with Ruffles WOW! This dress just pops! Stunning ruffles […]

The Life of A Japanese Wedding Kimono

White with Pink Flowers Wedding Kimono

The traditions live forever. In Japan wearing a kimono is a special art that not many can do these days. Still there’s pressure for a traditional wedding kimono when a couple settles down for a wedding date. We’ve gathered some of the most inspirational kimonos for your eye and soul. Just sit back and scroll […]

High Tea With Afternoon Tea Cakes

raspberry friand madeline

Bird & Blossom Cupcakes Such bright, yet very soothing to the eye pastels, would be a happy feast for any afternoon tea! Strawberry Vanilla Teacakes Oh, please, don’t be fooled by simplicity of this dessert – inside is awaiting you a heavenly vanilla delicacy! English Afternoon Cakes One bite would be sufficient to get you […]

Japanese Ruffled Wedding Dresses

Japanese Ruffled Wedding Dresses

Thule Japanese Wedding Dress…So lavishly adorned with ruffles and accentuated with a huge ornamental floral companion.   Blue Tuhle and Lace Japanese Wedding Dress. Designer Oshikiri Moe really pulled this gown together using Tuhle to add a magnificent, ruffled spiral around the gown, all while having a beautiful skin tone underneath, by pairing with the […]

White, Weightless, Strapless – What Is It? Chiffon Wedding Dress!

chiffon wedding dress

Summer is the season for weddings. On the beach. In the mountains. High up in the clouds. Whatever a wedding fantasy is, a light-weight chiffon wedding dress would always remain an inspiration for a Celebration!             Photos: dress2015

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