High Tea With Afternoon Tea Cakes

Bird & Blossom Cupcakes

Such bright, yet very soothing to the eye pastels, would be a happy feast for any afternoon tea!

afternoon tea cakes

Bird & Blossom Cupcakes. Photo: lynette horner/flickr

Strawberry Vanilla Teacakes

Oh, please, don’t be fooled by simplicity of this dessert – inside is awaiting you a heavenly vanilla delicacy!

strawberry vanilla teacakes

Strawberry Vanilla Teacakes. Photo: teacupchronicles

English Afternoon Cakes

One bite would be sufficient to get you to the state of high afternoon tea bliss. The second bite would take you a happy prisoner. And with the third, you’d melt into Desserts 7 Heaven.

english afternoon cakes-handbag

English Afternoon Cakes. Photo: handbag

Raspberry Friand Madeline

Take one for being decent. Have two to discover what really makes these Raspberry Madelines a high tea dessert in any modern English Hotel!

raspberry friand madeline

Raspberry Friand Madeline. Photo: homecookinginmontana

Mini Princess Teacake

The strawberry coating melts in your fingers: You’d better be quick to carry each one of these minis to their final destination!

mini princess teacakes

Mini Princess Teacake. Photo: cooksbookblog

Chocolate Marshmallow Tea Cakes

You Afternoon Tea could be a bit messy. But who cares when it comes to Chocolate and Marshmallows!

chocolate marshmallow tea cakes

Chocolate Marshmallow Tea Cakes. Photo: bakedbyiris

Luscious Lemon Tea Cakes

Simple. The Softest. Most Delectable. These Lemon Tea Cakes could be addictive.

luscious lemon tea cakes

Luscious Lemon Tea Cakes. Photo: pinkpiccadillypastries

Mandarin Orange Teacakes

The luscious smell and taste of citrus would add to the refreshment of the Afternoon Tea. Have one!

mandarin orange teacakes

Mandarin Orange Teacakes. Photo: articgardenstudio

Tea Cakes Collection

If you’ve come for a cup of tea – choose your favorite tea cake! The hostess made sure every taste and flavor is represented!

tea cakes collection

Tea Cakes Collection. Photo: lynette horner/flickr

Tea Cakes with Beads

It doesn’t happen too frequently when every little decorative detail on a tea cake is edible. You may want to leave it there just because it’s so dainty.

Tea Cakes with Beads

Tea Cakes with Beads. Photo: kendrasmiles4u

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  1. Rebecca Swenor says:

    All of these sweets look so amazing. I can almost taste them. Yummy.

  2. Jessica Parent says:

    Mmmmm…making my mouth water Wish I had Raspberry Friand Madeline right about now 😉

  3. thia beniash says:

    they are simply beautiful! now I want to go make cupcakes just to decorate them! lol.

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