Japanese Ruffled Wedding Dresses

1-pink ruffles japanese wedding dress

Thule Japanese Wedding Dress…So lavishly adorned with ruffles and accentuated with a huge ornamental floral companion.


2-blue japanese wedding dress

Blue Tuhle and Lace Japanese Wedding Dress. Designer Oshikiri Moe really pulled this gown together using Tuhle to add a magnificent, ruffled spiral around the gown, all while having a beautiful skin tone underneath, by pairing with the beautiful see through lace.


3-white ruffles flowers japanese wedding dress

Designer Oshikiri Moe. This may be a classic white Japanese wedding dress, but it is far from plain. The glittery ruffles around this beautiful bell shaped gown, are eye catching! Also, sure to catch your eyes, are the flower blossom shaped accents down the front of the gown. They are magnificent!


4-yumi katsura ruffled train japanese wedding dress

Designer, Yumi Katsura, went all out with this elegant Japanese styled wedding gown. The train of this dress, gives the appearance that the bride is walking on air! This is so well designed that it has me speechless!


5-golden japanese wedding dress

Designer, Kekkon Junbi

This luxurious golden Japanese wedding dress was designed by, Kekkon Junbi. The dress just flows, and gives you a traditional kimono feel with it’s red flower embellishments, belt, and bow.


6-pink ruffled japanese wedding dress

Another stunning Japanese wedding dress with a ruffled design by, Oshikiri Moe. This gown speaks volumes! Literally! With the lush pink tones and creme colored floral pattern lace ruffles, and embellishments.


7-lavender japanese wedding dress

This lavish, lavender, Japanse gown was designed and constructed well. It has a beautiful lavender hue, along with tulle ruffles, and draping bows and ribbons to accent the flow of this gorgeous dress! Designer Oshikiri Moe.


8-yumi katsura japanese wedding dress

Yumi Katsura has such imaginative designs! This is a pleated gown used with their special dyeing technique. It is absolutely stellar! The ruffles on this dress flow so perfectly into each other! What a magnificent visionary!


9-pink lavender japanese wedding dress

This Japanese wedding dress, designed by Yumi Katsura, has flowers bloomed into every ruffle. I especially love the color scheme of this dress, and the way the colors just seem to “melt” into each other.


10-red black japanese wedding dress

This Japanese Wedding dress was designed to have a western theme and yet still hold true to Japanese tradition. The volume that the ruffles give this dress is amazing, and I love the beautiful embroidery showcased front and center. Designer Oshikiri Moe/ Sweet Chic and A Liliale Brand put together make this sweet, yet spicy look!


Photos: Wedding Photography

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  1. Jennifer Hiles says:

    My two favorites are the Blue Tuhle and Lace Japanese Wedding Dress and the Japanese wedding dress, designed by Yumi Katsura. How unique these are!

  2. I like the blue tulle, If I remember correctly in Japan, white is the sign of death.

  3. Jessica Parent says:

    I love that 1st one (closely followed by #3 and #8)

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